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    D1 Hoops Training

    At D1 Hoops Training we have over 200 years of Division I coaching experience! Our former Division I coaches are ready to work with you help you get better!

    We are also committed to helping you get the type of exposure you want. Our connections are nation-wide and beyond. We've coached with and against most coaches and are personal friends with numerous others. Let us use our resources to help you! It's all about who you know and we can help thousands of coaches find out about you!

    - All Training Sessions are conducted by former DIVISION I coaches.

    - Our coaches will put you through intense Division I level training so you understand and can become prepared for what will be asked of you at the next level.

    - Our 2-day Training Sessions will help any prospective college basketball player improve and provide them with a wealth of knowledge in terms of both future skill development and the recruiting process.

    - We have helped over 1,800 players get to college to play basketball, and have coached another 750 plus at the Division I level. Let us help you!

    - Training sessions are $195.00 per player (for both days). Players have the option to attend only one day for $135.00, however attending both days is highly recommended.

    2016 Training Sessions

    October 1-2
    Chicago, IL

    October 8-9
    Dallas, TX

    October 15-16
    New York, NY

    October 22-23
    Houston, TX
    Los Angeles, CA

    October 29-30
    Orlando, FL

    Training Sessions are from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday.
    Spots are available for male and female players the ages of 12-18. If you are older than 18 please email staff@d1hoops.org to see if you are eligible.

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    2885 Sanford Ave NW - Grandville, MI 49418 - (616) 425-5060 - http://www.d1hoops.org


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