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    The basketball staff has recognized that the Summer basketball camps have been attended by, almost exclusively, upper middle class and upper class kids. They are hoping to find enough kind and capable fans to help bring a quantity of young boys (grades 1-7), whose families cannot afford a Summer camp, to Stanford. We're talking kids from East Palo Alto, etc. who, in many cases, have probably never been on campus.

    The camp will be held on July 6-9. Contributions are tax deductible (tax ID # 94-1156365). The cost of $500 per camper will include coaching for 4 days and basketball gear, including a bball. I will be matching funds up to 50 campers, which means we can get 100 kids, with your help. Checks should be made payable to Stanford Men's Basketball and sent to Coach Tom Orlich in the basketball office at the Arrillaga Center. Coverage for a camp or portions of a camp will be greatly appreciated by the staff, and, while I don't want to sound dramatic, there is a real chance to change some lives here. At the very least, we can generate a bunch of new fans for Stanford basketball and, maybe, get kids, their friends and families into seats at Maples. Let the students who don't show up compete against others for those 6th man seats when this team starts putting up a bunch of W's next season!

    I'm sorry if this sounds a bit like a commercial, but this coaching staff is the first one of which I am aware that has started an outreach program like this, and I think they deserve all the support we can give them, given the character evidenced by this effort. Not bad for a bunch of coaches with no Stanford connections!
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