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Discussion in 'Cardinal Hoops' started by TANK44, Mar 23, 2010.

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    I come to you in peace I am an Iowa Hawkeye fan..... I feel you guys can be logical so that is why I am coming to you with this question...
    All jokes aside please.....While watching last nights Womens game vs. Stanford. My Fiancee who is 24 and played Basketball in HS. Made the statement that she felt the Stanford Womens team would beat Iowa's Mens team.I thought she was joking but it turns out she wasnt at all. I told her that i did not agree and that our men would beat them by 20 or so. The reasons I gave her were.

    1. The reason Stanford was shooting so well from out side was they were shooting over defenders that were much smaller then them and were not in the sightline of there shots. Our men's teams players would have had a massive size, speed and strength advantage. They would not allow for the women to set up and shoot the shots with out getting the shot blocked or altered.

    2.The men would just take the ball down low and pound the glass with the size and strength advantage. there is no way that Stanford could have continued to pass over Cougil or Fuller in the post with out the passes geting intercepted.

    I will say that Stanford put on one heck of a show last night. that being said they were shooting over a lineup of 5-7,Whalin 5-7, Alexander and 5-10 Printy in the back court. Not 6-0,Payne 6-4 May and 6-5 Gatens.

    What are your thoughts would the Stanford womens team stay with in 20pts of Iowa's Men?

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